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About NamesLook

Welcome to NamesLook, your premier destination for exploring the world of names. Launched on September 5, 2016, as Nicenames.in by our founder Sivaguru Ayyadurai, our platform underwent a significant transformation to become NamesLook.com on December 4, 2016.

The journey of NamesLook reached a new milestone with the launch of version 3.0 on March 3, 2024, marking the largest feature update in our history and enhancing your experience in the world of names like never before.

Now, NamesLook is a special part of LotsLook, kind of like how Google has Maps, Drive, Gmail, etc. Just like you can use one Google account to get into all of Google's different services, you can use your LotsLook login to access NamesLook and all our other websites too. NamesLook was the first website we made in this easy-to-use system, making it an important part of our network.

Our Mission

At NamesLook, we are dedicated to enriching your naming experience. Whether you're searching for the perfect baby name, seeking inspiration for a pet name, or exploring name ideas for any other purpose, we are here to assist. Our platform offers an extensive collection of names from various origins, each accompanied by detailed insights including meanings, origins, pronunciations, popularity trends, translations, latest news and references to famous individuals bearing the names.

Community Contributions

We believe in the power of community and encourage our users to contribute their knowledge to the vast pool of information on our site. Your insights on name meanings, origins, and other details help enrich the experience for all visitors and add valuable depth to our collective understanding of names.

Tools and Features

NamesLook is more than just a name repository; it's a creative toolkit designed to inspire and assist you in your name discovery journey. Our current suite of tools includes:

How We Source Our Data

At NamesLook, our biggest strength lies in our comprehensive dataset. We source our data from various open-source datasets and some paid datasets. Additionally, we include names from user searches on our site, Twitter's latest trends, and news. To enrich our database further, we use the Wikipedia API to fetch details about famous people. For pronunciations, news, and videos, we leverage Google APIs. Our AI-powered tools are developed using the OpenAI API.

The details corresponding to names are updated at frequent intervals by our data team and using AI through cron jobs. You can always find the last updated time to see when the data was last refreshed. While we may use AI tools to write content partially for our website, we never publish anything without verification by our data team.

Connect With Us

Your journey through the world of names is important to us. For a detailed look at NamesLook's evolution, visit our changelog page. To learn more about our founder, Sivaguru Ayyadurai, and the vision behind NamesLook, click here. We are committed to maintaining a transparent and respectful environment, outlined in our privacy policy and terms of use.

Thank you for choosing NamesLook as your guide in the fascinating exploration of names. Together, let's uncover the stories, cultures, and meanings behind names from around the world.


Sivaguru Ayyadurai

Sivaguru Ayyadurai

你好!我是NamesLook和LotsLook Network网站背后的热情创意者,致力于在每个页面上带给您富有洞察力和引人入胜的内容。在关于部分发现更多关于我和NamesLook的旅程。